Joint Imaging

Joint Imaging and X-Ray

Information on Joint Imaging

Hip Joint Imaging

Imaging is an essential diagnostic aid and a tool for preoperative planning.


These provide not only information regarding the status of the bone but also give vital information in respect of the shape/morphology of the joint.  This provides information with respect to the possible causes or predispositions for ligament and/or cartilage injuries to the hip joint.

MRI Scan: Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Gives detailed information regarding pathology affecting all soft tissues (muscles, tendons, arteries, veins, ligaments, nerves and cartilage).  Also it is the best way of detecting bone lesions such as stress fractures and blood flow problems as well as tumours or bone lesions in and around the joint.

An MRI showing changes to the femoral head due to loss of blood flow (AVN)

CT Scan: Computer Tomography Scan

(This is essentially is multiple x-ray slices of the joint).  This modality provides data for 3-D reconstruction of the anatomy and precise bony details.  These are mostly used for bone related lesions and deformities.

3D CT-Scan of pelvis with a fracture of the right Acetabulum (Hip socket) and the Lumbar spine